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Exterior House Painting Fullerton - Kido St.

As part of this project we disassembled a large two-level, complex patio cover in order to paint behind it. The patio cover was metal and was sanded, primed and painted using special paints for metal. We were thankful that the weather cooperated with NO winds.

House Painting Long Beach Before
House Painting Long Beach After

Before we sanded, primed and painted the main house we power washed the entire building, we did stucco repair as needed and filled and sanded to repair the eaves.

The home owner took the time to buy and apply paint samples to make sure that they were happy with the final color choice. This really made the difference and you can see just two colors can make a beautiful paint job.

House Painting Long Beach House Painting Long Beach

If you live in Fullerton or anywhere in Orange County, California and would like to paint the exterior of your home feel free to give John Thomas Painting a call at 714-343-6132 or use our easy painting quote form.

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Interior Refinishing, Wood Stain Matching, Lacquer Finishing -

We came in and matched the finish that we found on the existing pine wood walls. New pine wood had been added and we rose to the challenge and matched the original stain and lacquer finish, no small feat.

This job included a significant amount of both doors and windows that needed to be stained and lacquer finished that needed to be matched as well. This required removal of all doors for sanding, cleaning, then staining, sander sealer, another sanding and two coats of lacquer finish. The result was a a beautiful, completely matched stain and lacquer finish with complete customer satisfaction.

If you live in the Fullerton area and are interested in getting the interior or exterior of your home repainted please call John Thomas Painting at 714-343-6132 or use our handy painting quote form.

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If you live in Fullerton and you need to paint your home call John Thomas Painting
today at 714-343-6132 or
use our handy painting quote form.

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Before House Painted in Fullerton


1. First we protected floor with red rosin paper. Then we protected the inside of new cabinets with formica finish before the doors go on. Then we painted the doors.

2. Super-detailed door design requires that we caulk the reliefs thoroughly. This door is now black outside, white inside.

3. Here we are hand sanding the cabinet fronts. After sanding comes the dusting and clean up so that a primer coat can go on before the two coats of semi-gloss enamel.

4. Cleaning fresh sanded doors to produce the final finish.

5. During set up we protect floors, tape off hinges then we're ready to prime. We always sand first and then prime. Here you can see the cabinet fronts laid out for sanding and priming. They stay in that location until they are completed.

If you live in Fullerton and you need to paint your home call John Thomas Painting
today at 714-343-6132 or
use our handy painting quote form.

After House Painted in Fullerton

1. Before and after existing cabinets and doors oak finish doors and cabinets given updated contemporary semi-gloss for easy clean up. Long lasting 3 coat system adds value.

2 & 3. All wood built-in dated cabinets made contemporary using cost-efficient paint. Sanded, primed it, sanded again and caulked it. We then applied the 2nd and final coat.

4. Girls room cotton candy pink with a magnetic chalkboard mounted into the door.

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